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May 10, 2016
From National Sr. Ride Safety Officer 
Christian “Cloner” Cloen

Well it’s May and riding season has begun.  As I look at meetup I see numerous organized rides for chapters as they get out and support our mission and growth.  As you are out there, please be aware of a few things so that you both enjoy your ride time, fellowship with your brothers and sisters, and most of all return home safely at the end of the day.

Remember, when we ride in a group, we ride staggered. Keep a distance of two bikes between you and the bike in front of you.  Do not be the person who causes the slinky effect, meaning you go slow, then throttle down to catch up.  This causes many problems, but one of the biggest is that you are failing to maintain the two bike space rule and essentially taking away another riders escape route should something happen that requires them to act fast to avoid a hazard.

Before each ride check over your bike.  Make sure all nuts and bolts are tight, nothing is hanging that could fly off and hit the person behind you, your tires are good, your breaks are good, all saddle bags and tour packs are closed, and all lights are in working order.

Finally, remember, cars are not used to us being on the road quite yet, therefore as they talk on their phone, eat their cheeseburger, put their makeup on, or just drive along daydreaming to the music on their radio, they are not looking for you and will change lanes into you, pull out in front of you, and cut you off without caring or realizing they are doing it.  So when you are out riding, either on an organized ride, with a group of friends, or by yourself, ALWAYS RIDE ON THE DEFENSIVE AND LEAVE YOURSELF AN ESCAPE ROUTE TO AVOID ANY HAZARD THAT MAY TURN UP!

Review the ride safety guide and know your hand signals!

Keep the rubber side down, the shiny side up, and enjoy the wind in your hair!

Semper Pro


Chris “Cloner” Cloen

National Sr. Ride Safety Officer


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