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Bike Inspection for Riding Season

The season is upon us, so Let’s Ride!  But before we do, let’s make sure our iron steeds are road ready.  If you follow the simple steps outlined below, you will know that you are ready for the road, if not you may just be guessing.  I have also attached an inspection checklist.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation recommends using “TCLOCS” as a pre-ride inspection reminder: check Tires, Controls, Lights and Accessories, Oils and Fluids, Chassis and Chain, and Kickstand before each ride.

  1. Check your tire pressure. Under or over inflated tires can translate to poor handling and stability.
  2. Operate the throttle, clutch, front and rear brakes and shifter. Make sure they are all working properly.
  3. Check your brake lights, turn signals and all other electrical equipment and switches, including the horn.
  4. After warming up your motorcycle, sit it up straight, remove the oil tank cap and use the dip stick to check the oil level. Add oil if necessary.
  5. Unscrew the fuel cap and make sure there’s plenty of fuel. Many tow companies can not tow motorcycles and running out of fuel is not good for your bike.
  6. Make sure your drive chain or belt is adjusted according to specifications.
  7. Turn the handlebars to make certain your bike is turning smoothly and properly.
  8. Look for any oil, gasoline or hydraulic fluid leaks.
  9. Check your suspension system and chassis.
  10. Check that the side stand is operating properly.

Download the T-CLOCKS Inspection Checklist

– Manny “Rev Man” Perez, National RSO


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