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Safety Safety Safety!

July 20, 2015
From National Road Captain Gil “Seeker” Blankenship

By now many of you may have already heard about the I-85 accident which took out 6 motorcycles – killing 1 and wounding 5 members of the Black Eagle Ryders MC. Take a moment to read this article and watch the video about the accident.

Remember – SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY. Unless you absolutely have to, do not pull off on the side of the highway. Find a safe place to pull off. Take an off ramp, find a parking lot if at all possible.

I know that it isn’t always possible to do this. Bikes break down, people have to pull over for one reason or another – this is why we do not pull the entire train over. Leave one brother or sister with the bike and the rest travel on to a safe location, using the bread crumb method.

This is also why it is ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE that RCs have a sign-in sheet of all riders and passengers.

Remember that ride reports, sign-in rosters and accident reports are required to be filled out for each event, reported at your monthly meeting by the RCs and RSOs then forwarded to your State Officers who will then forward copies on to the National for record keeping.

RSOs – please cover this story at your monthly chapter meetings. Ensure everyone is trained on hand and arm signals as well as procedures to take during rides, including taking appropriate rest (food, water, gas) breaks, and the breadcrumb method.

Semper Pro!


National Sr. Road Captain


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